Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am in the Google Map picture!

While looking up my address , I noticed that I appear in the Google street level search. I have never seen people in the street scenes. Check this out. They caught me bringing in my garbage canister. I had parked my car to leave. Is this amazing or what! Just thought I would share this . If anyone has ever seen anybody in Google at the street level let me know .
It seems amazing to me . Enjoy! FOLKS 1984 is here alive and well!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That is very cool, and scary too. Makes me think that "big brother" is watching all the time. Or, at least can be watching.

  2. That's why my favorite book is 1984! Thanks Webster

  3. You are right, we could be watched, just hope not.

  4. That is very interesting, but according to Webster, very scary.