Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My pets are my companions

Last week I took my two doggies, at the same time, to the groomer. Granted I wish I could groom them myself, like I used to, but alas a man has to know his limitations. This was the first time ever I had taken them both at the same time. An incredible thing happened that morning that I had not felt before. When I arrived after dropping them off I entered the house, it must have been around 10:00 am, and it hit me, " The house is empty of all living mammals, except me.!" I cannot describe in this writing or in words the tightening of my chest as best as I can describe it that I felt. Wow, I am now really alone. It was a sobering feeling.
The point here is that pets are our companions, physically and emotionally. We don't realize it until unfortunately, like in 2007 when I had to put down not one but two 15 year old poodles, until they are gone. That year was such an experience, the first thing I started thinking about was why didn't I hug them more or tell them I loved them more. I have learned my lesson since then. They are so much a part of our daily lives. Yes I know they can be a pain sometimes, like accidents, wanting to go out when your busy, etc. But believe me it is worth it. I have Maggie who always manages to let me know in the morning Hey it's time to get up your over sleeping. They lick my tears when I start crying during a sad movie moment or a melancholic moment, etc. I am also convinced that they are aware that I have MS especially the days I have bad leg craps or just not feeling well.

I am truly convinced that if any one is contemplating on whether to get a pet companion, any little creature especially doggies. Go for it. It will be worth every second and the benefits completely outweigh the excuses one can conjure. I will always remember this day. When I finally picked them up and arrived the house became a home again. So far I manage to remember the instant when they were temporarily missing from my life.
I now, as much as possible, I try to hug and play with them as long as they are with me.