Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Was able to contact the love of my life after 30 years

At this time in my life when I am feeling lost and alienated a gift from God arrived through a grace moment. I had been always wanting to know where and how she was doing, my high school sweetheart. After only being able to locate her sister some years back, I finally decided to do it. I was able, to send her sister a message on 1/20/2009 at approx 3:00 a.m. via email. Anyway, she forwarded my e-mail to her and low and behold the magic of the Internet.
At 3:38 PM on 1/22 I received the message on my answering machine. This was one of the best moments of my life that I can remember. After 30 years my high school sweetheart the love of my life had left a message. WOW! Is that incredible or what. The gift is overwhelming. I had just arrived from the supermarket purchasing groceries Needless to say, after catching my breath, I called her on 1/22 at approx. 5:15PM . We spent almost 3 1/2 hours talking and sharing stories of our lives over the last 30 years.
I am breathless, my life long wish that I would be able to speak to her before I died came true.
I was able to contact and reach a person that I had lost, not once but twice, out of my own immaturity. The diamond I lost in the ocean, not once but twice, I located again on the shore.
She is safe and has a happy life.
The odds of that are astronomical. I'll hold her in my heart forever and at least we were able to share our life stories.
What more can I ask for.

Praise be to God , Jesus Christ.
God is great and wonderful, it's the only explanation for this miracle.

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  1. I am thrilled for your romantic reunion, keep on writing. Impressed with your blog layout.