Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some more details of My Story-This is a long post

Went to Gesu Catholic School in downtown Miami. The oldest Catholic school and church in Miami. After that went on to LaSalle Immaculata for 9th grade. Made the big mistake of asking to leave for public school to attend and graduate from Miami Senior High in 1974. Then eloped in 1976 and married on August 16, 1976. One year to the day before Elvis would pass away. Not a great way to remember your anniversary.
Continued my musical education at Miami-Dade North Campus. See I wanted to be a famous musician. Did my share of recreational drugs. Played with many local bands and almost made the big time. To read the full story and listen to some of my stuff go to www.myspace/antikastropoliticalrefugee on the web. In 1985 went back to school to get into Banking. Started as a teller at Flagler Federal S&L. There I decided that internal audit was my cup of tea. I would never be a Gestapo auditor like the one's that would audit us. Finally got my Master in Accounting from Barry University. You can see my employment history on www.myspace/elcharley. Then I was hit like a two by four on 11/26 1996 when I was formally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The my current employer at that time as I returned to work informed them of my condition. I had been there three years with excellent evaluations. Well guess what? I was put on a 6 months probationary status because all of a sudden I wasn't doing my job properly. Well, started looking for a new employer and to no avail everyone in town had found out that I had MS. So with the help of the Internet in 1997 I was offered a position at SouthTrust Corp. Needless to say it was another exile for me having to uproot from Miami after 35 years in the city. I purchased a home in Hiram, Georgia. Within four years I retired from my career and filed for disability. In 2002 my now ex-wife decided she no longer wanted to put up with me or our home and got herself a boyfriend. Who later turned out to be an indigent alcoholic. Also put her in the hospital in 2005.I lost my home in 2003. I could not sell it or continue to run with all the expenses of such a large property. I then made the mistake of going back to my parent’s house in Miami. The Miami heat was unbearable and the health care deplorable. After 17 months and three days I returned to Georgia. This time Douglasville was the best option. I now live alone with the Lord in Douglasville amd my two doggies a Maltese and a miniature Poodle.

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