Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another recital to feed the soul

On Saturday the 14th on a beautiful rainy night here in Douglasville, I attended another piano recital. We are celebrating the 300th anniversary of the pianoforte.
This time it was George Mann , a well known Professor of Music here in Lithia Springs. The piano was finally tuned. It is a 1930's Chickering 6'2" grand piano. The program included Schumann, Haydn, Bach, Liszt and one of my favorites Francis Poulenc. The performance was outstanding. Mr. Mann has an impeccable technique and made the piano sing. I especially liked his expert use of the pianofortes pedals to express and make the instrument breath. It is quite an accomplishment to be able to master this technique. I was very inspired to see and hear such an intimate performance. So much so that the next day I was practicing my exercises and playing one of Eric Satie's Gnosssiennes No. 3. I will soon be posting it on my Web Page. Definitely one must enjoy these types of events to feed the soul and elevate the spirit.
I feel proud of myself for having again attended a night out. I had my friend a couple of weeks ago tell me to get spiffed up and go out. Boy was she right, I thank her and her inspiration to motivate me to do this. If for anyone, for myself which is so important. To actually care for yourself and have the confidence to attend these events alone. This for me has been a milestone and a self-confidence builder. I highly recommend that if you are stuck at home all the time to get out and enjoy even a simple thing as a walk or drive around the block.


  1. I don't know why, but I never hear of any piano recitals in Tacoma. I know there must be some, but I haven't researched it. When I was a youngster I was given classical piano lessons for ten years, but I let it all go. Then I got MS and lost my dexterity. The last straw was when my brother sold the family's upright grand without consulting me. Now I really miss the opportunity to play - at least a little.

    Congratulations for going to another concert.

  2. Hi Friend. My daughter has a small living room with a huge very old piano taking up most of one wall. She rescued it from a lady who was about to toss it and is keeping it for her grand daughter, who is just five now. I tell her she loves that piano more than me! So glad you attended the concert.

  3. Glad you attended the concert, one day maybe we can go with you. Keep on writing, you have an interesting blog.