Sunday, March 8, 2009

The current culture of Ageism.

I had a friend recently write to me a powerful message.....

"Have you noticed, Charlie, how in today's society this culture does not let one be a child and does not let one be an old person? We are being cheated out of our right to experience the cycle of our life with happiness. If you are a child, you are constantly bombarded with sex, drugs and violence; childhood's innocense is constantly being raped away by the media. If you are an older person, a vintage piece who should be loved and respected for his/her time on earth, mature beauty, knowledge and experience, you are constantly bombared with botox and plastic surgery and viagra. What happened to the days when the elderly had their place and function?"

Absolutely true now ad to that MS then where do we stand. Yes Madison Ave. is ruling , Notice that all the TV ads are geared towards 15-35 age range. The disabled are one or two notches below that. But you know what that's why when we stick together we can make a difference. In our place and the fact that we are survivors no matter what age we are.



  1. Your blog title is lovely. What a true post this is, sad but so true. Take care, Friend.

  2. I agree totally, we should respect age with wisdom.