Thursday, May 28, 2009

Absent for the month of May.

This past month has been Doctors. Doctors Doctors.. It all started at the end of April. I had the Pre-Op with the Internal Medicine Doc, The ECG signalled the RBBB (right bundle branch block) is a defect in the heart's electrical conduction system that I have. So off to the Heart Clinic for a stress test. This is pretty wild cause I have to have it chemically induced with Adenosine, to simulate your are running. Yikes!!! That caused the beginning of an slight exacerbation, Then off to the General Surgeon to have on May 6, the laparoscopy done. I stayed overnight at the hospital.Everything turned out fine.
The greatest feeling was when I realized how many friends I have that did favors, offered to do them, and called to check up on me. I am truly blessed. I thank the Lord everyday and pray constantly for all of them.The hardest thing was having to board the doggies since Tues for three nights. Home Alone a horrible felling the house was empty but I needed the total rest. Then I actually hallucinated seeing Coco come out from under the bed to the hallway early on Fri morn, I started call him to get back into the room, when I realized ____THEY ARE NOT HEAR!! Seperation anxiety 100%! That's when I rushed to the Vet to pick them up. It was a short drive, but I risked the recoup issue. Any way needless to say I was right. I had waited since April 24, to get the SeluMedrol, so as not to delay the surgery. So yesterday I started a three day infusion. Both my legs were completely numbing out and the "hit by a 2x4 feeling", as I call it in my lower back was unbearable. This is day two and I already I feel relief, however this synthetic steroid is no picnic, as they say the cure sometimes is tougher that the ill. Finally got the gumption to post again, I betcha it's due to the infusion it takes away that cloud and fog that you have. A lethargic, no initiative to do normal things you enjoy. Another hurdle I will jump and with flying colors. Amen!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Attended the fourth and final recital

Well it's about time I posted! The whole Easter holiday season and Passover at the same time took up a lot of my time. Quietly meditating, praying and celebrating at home for all the blessings I have. On April 11, the final concert of the Kinna Series at the CAC, was fantastic.
The pianist was Stanton Lanier, check out this web site.
His music was so soothing and peaceful, that at the end of the concert that day you felt like you were floating on a cloud. Incredible sounds from this performer. His bio is amazing. I can relate so much to his lifes journey. I met him and we spoke on the approach he has for composing. He uses computer software to improvise and create his compositions. I had a great time. I even stayed for the reception. I can't wait till next year to attend these great performances at the CAC house.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The perfect storm of troubles and I laughed, Ha!

The fender bender of last week was finally fixed on Friday after a week of being Carless not Carlos. Then on Sunday morning the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. At the same time on Monday a Malware defender 2009 spyware attacked my computer. In addition to that I got a cold from opening and breathing in the air from a bag of cypress mulch over the weekend. All within a span of 72 hours. Did I panic? Did I complain? No incredibly to my amazement I started laughing when I realized that all these disruptions were insignificant maladies of this out of balance existence. So, I again realized that laughter and being able to laugh at yourself is a whole lot better that sulking in panic and horror over things that in the scheme of things are insignificant. I reminded myself that" This too shall all pass" Laugh ,crack a joke watch a good comedy show like Andy Griffith or Mr. Bean and "Forgetta About it". It's not worth it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another recital to feed the soul

On Saturday the 14th on a beautiful rainy night here in Douglasville, I attended another piano recital. We are celebrating the 300th anniversary of the pianoforte.
This time it was George Mann , a well known Professor of Music here in Lithia Springs. The piano was finally tuned. It is a 1930's Chickering 6'2" grand piano. The program included Schumann, Haydn, Bach, Liszt and one of my favorites Francis Poulenc. The performance was outstanding. Mr. Mann has an impeccable technique and made the piano sing. I especially liked his expert use of the pianofortes pedals to express and make the instrument breath. It is quite an accomplishment to be able to master this technique. I was very inspired to see and hear such an intimate performance. So much so that the next day I was practicing my exercises and playing one of Eric Satie's Gnosssiennes No. 3. I will soon be posting it on my Web Page. Definitely one must enjoy these types of events to feed the soul and elevate the spirit.
I feel proud of myself for having again attended a night out. I had my friend a couple of weeks ago tell me to get spiffed up and go out. Boy was she right, I thank her and her inspiration to motivate me to do this. If for anyone, for myself which is so important. To actually care for yourself and have the confidence to attend these events alone. This for me has been a milestone and a self-confidence builder. I highly recommend that if you are stuck at home all the time to get out and enjoy even a simple thing as a walk or drive around the block.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The current culture of Ageism.

I had a friend recently write to me a powerful message.....

"Have you noticed, Charlie, how in today's society this culture does not let one be a child and does not let one be an old person? We are being cheated out of our right to experience the cycle of our life with happiness. If you are a child, you are constantly bombarded with sex, drugs and violence; childhood's innocense is constantly being raped away by the media. If you are an older person, a vintage piece who should be loved and respected for his/her time on earth, mature beauty, knowledge and experience, you are constantly bombared with botox and plastic surgery and viagra. What happened to the days when the elderly had their place and function?"

Absolutely true now ad to that MS then where do we stand. Yes Madison Ave. is ruling , Notice that all the TV ads are geared towards 15-35 age range. The disabled are one or two notches below that. But you know what that's why when we stick together we can make a difference. In our place and the fact that we are survivors no matter what age we are.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My pets are my companions

Last week I took my two doggies, at the same time, to the groomer. Granted I wish I could groom them myself, like I used to, but alas a man has to know his limitations. This was the first time ever I had taken them both at the same time. An incredible thing happened that morning that I had not felt before. When I arrived after dropping them off I entered the house, it must have been around 10:00 am, and it hit me, " The house is empty of all living mammals, except me.!" I cannot describe in this writing or in words the tightening of my chest as best as I can describe it that I felt. Wow, I am now really alone. It was a sobering feeling.
The point here is that pets are our companions, physically and emotionally. We don't realize it until unfortunately, like in 2007 when I had to put down not one but two 15 year old poodles, until they are gone. That year was such an experience, the first thing I started thinking about was why didn't I hug them more or tell them I loved them more. I have learned my lesson since then. They are so much a part of our daily lives. Yes I know they can be a pain sometimes, like accidents, wanting to go out when your busy, etc. But believe me it is worth it. I have Maggie who always manages to let me know in the morning Hey it's time to get up your over sleeping. They lick my tears when I start crying during a sad movie moment or a melancholic moment, etc. I am also convinced that they are aware that I have MS especially the days I have bad leg craps or just not feeling well.

I am truly convinced that if any one is contemplating on whether to get a pet companion, any little creature especially doggies. Go for it. It will be worth every second and the benefits completely outweigh the excuses one can conjure. I will always remember this day. When I finally picked them up and arrived the house became a home again. So far I manage to remember the instant when they were temporarily missing from my life.
I now, as much as possible, I try to hug and play with them as long as they are with me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am in the Google Map picture!

While looking up my address , I noticed that I appear in the Google street level search. I have never seen people in the street scenes. Check this out. They caught me bringing in my garbage canister. I had parked my car to leave. Is this amazing or what! Just thought I would share this . If anyone has ever seen anybody in Google at the street level let me know .
It seems amazing to me . Enjoy! FOLKS 1984 is here alive and well!!!!!!!!!!!!