Thursday, May 28, 2009

Absent for the month of May.

This past month has been Doctors. Doctors Doctors.. It all started at the end of April. I had the Pre-Op with the Internal Medicine Doc, The ECG signalled the RBBB (right bundle branch block) is a defect in the heart's electrical conduction system that I have. So off to the Heart Clinic for a stress test. This is pretty wild cause I have to have it chemically induced with Adenosine, to simulate your are running. Yikes!!! That caused the beginning of an slight exacerbation, Then off to the General Surgeon to have on May 6, the laparoscopy done. I stayed overnight at the hospital.Everything turned out fine.
The greatest feeling was when I realized how many friends I have that did favors, offered to do them, and called to check up on me. I am truly blessed. I thank the Lord everyday and pray constantly for all of them.The hardest thing was having to board the doggies since Tues for three nights. Home Alone a horrible felling the house was empty but I needed the total rest. Then I actually hallucinated seeing Coco come out from under the bed to the hallway early on Fri morn, I started call him to get back into the room, when I realized ____THEY ARE NOT HEAR!! Seperation anxiety 100%! That's when I rushed to the Vet to pick them up. It was a short drive, but I risked the recoup issue. Any way needless to say I was right. I had waited since April 24, to get the SeluMedrol, so as not to delay the surgery. So yesterday I started a three day infusion. Both my legs were completely numbing out and the "hit by a 2x4 feeling", as I call it in my lower back was unbearable. This is day two and I already I feel relief, however this synthetic steroid is no picnic, as they say the cure sometimes is tougher that the ill. Finally got the gumption to post again, I betcha it's due to the infusion it takes away that cloud and fog that you have. A lethargic, no initiative to do normal things you enjoy. Another hurdle I will jump and with flying colors. Amen!


  1. You jumped that hurdle with flying colors, glad you are posting again. Happy that you are on the way to mending.

  2. Yay, you're back. I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear all is ... getting better. Other than the insomnia, I rather like the dose of extra energy I get from SoluMedrol. I like it even better if it gets me back to "normal."

  3. I'm so glad to see your post. I kept checking ever so often. I'm glad you're okay and you'll feel better soon.

    Keep all of us in touch.